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The Family Alliance Ontario website strives to inform and engage with people who want individuals with disabilities to have lives rich with valued relationships, and opportunites for inclusion in their schools and communities, participating and contributing alongside their peers. We encourage submissions of interest to families: notices of upcoming events and/or reports of local family group initiatives; and stories of positive experiences. We will share the issues represented in our government relations work, and also post requests for research study participants which have their focus on social inclusion rather than on diagnoses/treatments.

Mission Statement

Family Alliance Ontario is an alliance of citizens that offers knowledge, tools and networking opportunities to individuals with disabilities and their families to assist them to realize a vision that includes having valued relationships, choice and control in their lives, and enables inclusion through meaningful contribution and participation in their communities.


To further the well-being of persons with disabilities and their families, and to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities into all aspects of community life through a variety of programs and activities, including

  • the establishment and promotion of mutual support networks of persons with disabilities, their families, and their friends;

  • enhancing public awareness of family disability issues through education and other information-sharing initiatives;

  • working in coalition with like-minded groups and organizations;

  • facilitating the meaningful involvement of families and individuals in all levels of decision-making with respect to services and supports;

  • conducting and compiling research on family disability issues.

Family Alliance Ontario Accord

Our Shared Beliefs

  • Family networks and family directed groups are dedicated to fostering the strengths, dreams, competencies and enthusiasm of their member families to create inclusive, caring lives for all their members.

  • Informed, involved and confident families are the most effective agents for social change.

  • Parents and people with disabilities are an essential source of expertise with respect to their son or daughter, to each other, and to the community as a whole.

  • Individuals with disabilities are part of the community and as part of the community have valuable gifts and contributions to make.

  • Individuals with disabilities must be included and must lead in all decisions that affect any part of their lives.

  • All children, regardless of disability, should grow up with families and have enduring lifelong relationships.

Our Vision

  • Meaningful involvement of families and individuals with disabilities is an integral part of levels of decision-making with respect to services and supports.

  • Families have the confidence and assurance that their family member will have individualized, flexible, life-long supports to enable them to live valued, productive lives in their community.

  • All children have the right to quality, inclusive education.

  • Family directed groups receive ongoing financial support to ensure they can provide safety net of mutual support for families.

Our Goals

  • Be a strong family voice for change.

  • Support individuals and families in building their capacity toward achieving inclusion.

  • Ensure that support for people with disabilities includes the options of choice and portability through self-directed, individualized funding.

  • Support the work of local family directed groups, and encourage new ones to develop.

Board of Directors 2012-2013

Cindy Mitchell
Cathy Calligan
Christy Barber
Joyce Balaz
Vici Clarke
Bonnie Heath
Bill Hiltz London
Karen Inwood Whitby
Sandra Mothersell
Susan Popper Newmarket

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