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The renamed "Everyday Ordinary Lives" group, which formed as the Direct Funding Ad Hoc Group this Fall, has developed this NEWSSHEET to draw attention to the chronic underfunding of direct funding support for individuals with developmental disabilities who want to have "everyday ordinary lives" in their communities. They encourage participation in the Ombudsman's investigation.

FAO Annual Report presented at the annual Members Meeting held at A Family Gathering, sponsored by the Family Support Network in Aurora on November 17th.

Mother Appeals to Premier McGuinty for Son's Safe Future. In this YouTube video, FAO member Martha Eleen speaks about the urgent need for funding so that her son Gabe West can sustain his life in community, and not end up in crisis, and be sent to a nursing home. Gabe's support circle enlisted the help of MPP Peter Tabuns, to arrange this press conference held at Queen's Park on November 8th, 2012. Read more about Gabe's life on the Stories page.

FAO President Barbara McCormack sent a powerful message to MCSS Minister John Milloy after the June Partnership Table meeting, at which we learned that SSAH funds for adults will no longer be available after individuals with a developmental disability turn 18. There have been poor communications with families regarding the changes to SSAH/Passport support effective April 2012, and how funding allocations for adults will be affected in April 2013. This letter was sent with this addendum. As soon as we have a clarification of the facts, we will share with you.

Social Exclusion? How Government Programmes are Failing People with Developmental Disabilities is a position paper from the Special Services at Home Passport Coalition. It was presented at the MCSS Developmental Services Partnership Table on June 14th, with the support of lawyers Dianne Wintermute, ARCH Disability Law Centre, and Brendan Pooran.

Our voices are gaining strength through the growing numbers of local networks and family directed groups. Each of us needs to do our best to influence change. Please let us know what is happening in your area and how you are dealing with the issues your family is facing.

Election 2011 - Party Responses to FAO

FAO recently sent letters to the three provincial party leaders. We outlined some issues of importance to families which deserved their attention.

FAO questions for PC Party, for Liberal Party, for NDP Party

PC Party Response

NDP Party Response

Liberal Party Response


FAO wants to make sure you are updated on the announcement of the amalgamation of the SSAH and Passport programs, for adults with disabilities, on April 1, 2012. The Policy division has asked FAO, and other representatives at the Partnership Table, to share what we are hearing in response to this change. The Ministry staff would like our suggestions of how best to communicate with families. We welcome your comments and will make sure to continue to influence the positive development of a comprehensive direct funding model, which must be a viable and sustainable choice of support for our loved ones.

Ministry's Spotlight on Transformation


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