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Families have stories of their family members' everyday lives in community which inform and inspire. This page is a welcoming space for sharing our stories - whatever your age or community.

The Gabe and Mail is the newsletter of the Gabe West Support Circle: November 2012.

"Sue's Journey to Finding the Good Things In Life" published in the first issue of an online journal "What Were You Thinking" by Durham Association for Family Respite Servicesm (DAFRS) in Oshawa. It includes an interesting interview with Executive Director Peter Dill describing how the idea for story sharing germinated.

Three insightful stories appeared in the Toronto Star:

Nancy Barber's inclusive life in the community, supported by strong relationships and individualized funding. (Leslie Scrivener)

Rebecca Beayni's valued life as a community connector. (Helen Henderson)

Skye Wattie was inspired to cross the country this summer to raise awareness and support for alternative and augmentative communication. (Helen Henderson)

My Dreams My Choices is a personal documentary which was created as part of the pilot project "Presented With Love". A small group of families, each supporting a family member with a disability, recognized that a person’s story captured on film can make a significant difference to how that person is understood, how they connect, and how they are able to live the fullest, most inclusive life. Through the values expressed in My Dreams/My Choices, Nancy's family conveys to supporters, friends and the next generation, the importance for Nancy to have a life rich with relationships and community commitments. People who have formal support roles can also learn much from this tool for inclusion.

Linda Viscardis, FAO Board member, has documented how "Nancy Barber finds her place at TIFF"

We invite you to submit your stories(with pictures, giving permission to post online) to Christy and Bill Barber alliance@family-alliance.com.

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